Dezhou, Shandong, China


Your Condom Brand Deserves A
Quality Condom Factory
Ming Yuan Latex Will Be Your Best Condom Supplier
More than 30 years custom condom production experience
and professional international sales team will make
us to your best condom supply partner, you will like
our quality and service... ...


Yes, it’s a amazing, our minimum order is only 10,000pcs if you need own brand condom, but we suggest you more quantity if need better price.

We Sell Quality


Thailand made natural latex and strict production standards both make sure the latex condom quality in premium rank.


China print technology rank up top worldwide, and new package also workable, such as metal box, blister package… …


We can make your new condom idea come true, spike condom also from client random idea, the best selling condom now.


Our delivery time will be kept as agreement, but we hope clients could offer more time, because quality production need time.


Good quality 100%
Quick reply 90%
Quality stable 100%
Keep Time 99%

Testimonials FROM CLIENTS

  • “6 years cooperation proves mingyuan latex is good quality control and credit company, sincerely hope Mingyuan latex could announce more new types condom for us in Italy market”
    Dekorasia - Kakde Italia S.a.s.
  • “thanks for your company’s condom and service, if your company 24 hours work? you always reply me immediately at any time, go to sleep my friend. “
    Mr Sergey Sytov - Bisans Co., Ltd.
  • “These spike condoms are definitely helpful for woman staying problem like I can sometimes experience. The main reason they help isn’t because of the topical anesthetic on them, but rather because they are rather thick condoms. Slight texture on the outside, which is supposed to increase her pleasure. “
    Mr Nadya Shnikova - NaturGood Co., Ltd.

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