Condom use has a very long history. With the society development and open mind of person, consumers not only take condoms as the way prevent pregnancy and reduce sexual transmitted disease, they are also looking for condoms which can offer them pleasure and stimulation. So textured condoms such as dotted, ribbed, dotted&ribbed produced by condom factories. They has the dots or ribs on the surface of condoms. It can stimulate both partners during love making. The dotted condoms which produced by us can provide you the strong feeling, because the dots on it is hard, you can feel it in real. Welcome customize your own brand with our dotted condoms. Other dotted&ribbed textured condoms, ultra thin condoms, warming&cooling condoms, extended long love condoms, spike condoms, etc. These types of condoms will make your brand outstanding during so many brands condoms. Welcome come and visit us talking about the cooperation. Contact: