The safe protection is an important part of a healthy and pleasure sex life. Wearing a condom is on the purpose of protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, and also a high-quality personal lubricant can make safe sex much more fun. The personal lubricants can prevent friction and creates a natural feel. As per the study, adequate lubrication can also help to prevent the condom from breaking.

It’s easy to use lubricants with your condoms – you can apply lube to either the outside or the inside, gives that you’re using a water or silicone-based product. There’s a common misconception that lube can weaken a condom when applied to the inside, but this couldn’t be further from the truth; by reducing heat and friction, the personal lubricants help to minimize stress. Adding a drop or two of your lubricant to the head of the penis will make the condoms to slip over the penis easily, and you’ll enjoy added sensations with every movement.

But you need to pay more attention when using a lubricant in this manner. Don’t use too much and don’t cover the entire penis with lube. You don’t want to make the inside of the condom too silk, because it could potentially slip off during sex. As the inside of the condom has a limited amount of air, you won’t need too much lubricants anyways, and few lube should provide plenty of added sensations. Welcome to inquiry personal lubricants. Email: