Usually condoms are sold in pharmacies. Now the situation has changed, and this undoubtedly the right product can now also be purchased from online store and supermarkets. It should be noted that we have producing condoms since 2008 and have already gained popularity over this relatively short period of time. We can make sure our goods quality.

The condoms are manufactured at one of largest and most powerful factories in China: from high quality hypoallergenic latex which provide a high level of security with the highest possible sensitivity. With many years of experience, possessing the largest scientific, research and production base, our plant uses the most advanced technologies which allow you to distribute a wide range of condoms, many of which are not able to make other manufacturers. Quality control condom is carried out at all stages of production. In each batch of condoms, thorough testing of physical properties, such as an blasting of volume and pressure, water leakage, strength, stretching, and integrity measurement as per international standards, take place. But physical ones alone there is not enough testing to ensure maximum safety.

Test requirements

Electronic Pin-hole Test

Bursting Volume end pressure

Pin-hole( water leakage)

Tensile Strength

Seal Integrity


Color Fastness

There are also external tests are also execute, such as the biocompatibility of protein analysis,  cytotoxicity of the penis and vaginal irritation, acute systemic toxicity, sensitization, and primary skin irritation. know more information, please feel free to contact us. Email: