Female condoms have been in the global market for almost 15 years, but many women still don’t know this product.

Female condoms have had very slow growth over the last 15 years and some health promoters believe this is due to inadequate promotion. In Malawi for instance, female condoms are expiring at the Mitundu Community Hospital in Lilongwe because women prefer the male condom according to health worker Linvell Iddes. The women, she said, argue that the male condom is user-friendly and has no stigma attached to it. Iddes further said: “Due to insufficient promotion, there is a lot of stigma attached to the female condom; people think women who use them are promiscuous.”

Denise Van Dijk, director of global market development at The Female Health Company, called for men to be ambassadors of the female condom as a key strategy to popularise the product and to stop the notion that female condoms are a woman’s thing.

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