There are many services and organization provide free condoms.

Free condoms are available both online and through other resources. Most strive to deliver these condoms in a discreet manner.

Websites to get free condoms online for teenagers include:

Condom USA offers over a dozen varieties of condoms for free, if you agree to pay shipping charges.

Only Free has a list of offers for condoms if you sign up for newsletters, “like” companies on Facebook, etc.

It’s easier to get free condoms online from government programs, if you don’t want to pay for shipping. Many metro areas have free condom programs, including:

Some distributors require that recipients are at least 18 years old, and interested customers may need to participate in online surveys or view sponsored advertisements in order to qualify for the free samples.

Some companies offer free shipping while others do impose shipping charges, and some free offers are only valid with the purchase of other related products. At the same time, many retailers also provide instructional guidelines, STD facts, storage tips, and other useful information with their free condoms, making them even more valuable to individuals just becoming sexually active.