Although there are various types of condoms had been in existence going back to prehistory, the modern condom we know and love didn’t really come into existence until 1855. The new stage of the condom was brought about by the magical invention of the rubber vulcanization process by Charles Goodyear in 1844. Named after Vulcan, the Roman god of fire, vulcanization is the chemical process of converting natural rubber into something more durable and lasting by combining it with sulphur or some such additive.
This natural rubber condoms were manufactured by covering penis-shaped moulds with strips of raw rubber, then dipping them in a chemical solution to vulcanize the rubber. They were about the thickness of bicycle inner tubes. Effective if not enjoyable.

In 1912, Julius Fromm from Germany took charge and came up with a slightly improved manufacturing technique: dipping glass condom moulds into a raw rubber solution. Called cement dipping, this method involved adding gasoline to the rubber to liquefy it.

End result: rubber diameter came down (but not that much). Probably didn’t smell too good either. To buy thinner condom. Send us email: