Water-based lubes are the most common used and sought after lubes due to their high level of versatility. Water-based lubes are completely safe for use with both condoms and silicone toys.

Many of the condoms that come pre-lubed use water-based lubricants. In fact, since the early 1900s, water-based lubes have been at the forefront of personal lubrication. It is popular among those who shop for their personal lubricants at pharmacies.

The downfall to water-based lubes is that they get absorbed more quickly than silicone or other lubes. This absorption can leave them feeling really tacky and sticky on your fingertips or genitals, and you may go through a bottle of water-based lube much quicker.

Water-based lubes can tend to get tacky or sticky feeling over time, but they are easily washed off of the body and other materials and are generally non-staining. Based on rave reviews from our staff and our satisfied customers, our most popular water-based lube currently is Original Personal Lubricant. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com