One of the benefits of non-latex condoms is that they are a great alternative for people with a latex allergy. Imagine breaking out in hives or worse every time you tried to use a condom? Not sexy. Using latex free condoms allows anyone with a latex sensitivity the freedom during sex that is necessary to get your groove on. Polyisoprene condoms are an excellent choice because they are a synthetic version of latex minus the allergens, so it is ideal for anyone with a condom allergy. Since it is as stretchy as latex, you would use it just like a regular condom and not use any oil based lubricant on it. It is also softer than polyurethane and out preforms latex when it comes to transmitting body heat. Hotter sex and a soft feel are a winning combination. Durex has their variation with the Durex Avanti Bare. This ultra-thin polyisoprene condom is specially shaped for comfort. It feels soft as skin and warms to your body temperature for a really heated experience. If its variety you are after, Skyn condoms from Lifestyles has all that you need. Choose the better feeling condom and enjoy a hot sex.