This is new trend for condom industry. Premature ejaculation is a big and significant issue in the world for most men:

  • More than 450,000 Google searches are made every month in relation to premature ejaculation.
  • It is the most common male sexual problem with about 1 in 3 guys in the U.S. is dealing with the issue according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine.
  • Locally, 8% of Australian men consumers reported that they came to orgasm too quickly in the National Sex in Australia survey.

From the data after a recent legal battle in India regarding the use of benzocaine in condoms, Durex (RB) has sold 300 million units of these benzocaine containing condoms, over the period spanning 15 years. And that is in India alone. Surely the global data can only enhance the credibility of our target market globally. Benzocaine containing condom had its beginning in the 1990’s in Italy with the name of Durex Ritardante. When Trojan brought it to America in 2001 it became one of the top 5 sellers within one year. As of today, a simple search on eBay will reveal the fact that the item is still selling on daily basis. All these facts point to a strong market demand.


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