Minimize the love barrier between you and your partner and still stay protected with Feel ultra thin condoms.

These ultra thin condoms are made from premium quality latex. They’re more than 40% thinner than the regular condoms.

Ultra thin condoms are ideal for those who love when there is nothing in between but want the protection that condoms offer.

There are different types and thickness for the ultra thin condoms in the market.

With thickness 0.045mm will be the best ultra thin condom with the good quality and affordable price.

We also produce 0.055mm ultra thin condoms, this only a little thinner than our regular condom, of course price also only a little expensive than the regular condom.

If you want the thinnest like 0.03mm condom, we can to do. But price of this thinnest condom more expensive, and only affordable by some big brand.

If you’re looking for the actual thin condom, we suggest you choose the 0.045mm condom. It’s the most bought by our clients, and it really thinner than normal condom.

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