This is not the time to choose condom as per your friends’ opinions because they may be “shaped” differently than you — so what works for your friends, may not be the best fit for yourself. When experimenting with different brands and condom sizes, it may be a good idea to buy the smallest pack available (check to see if a store sells a certain condom brand individually). This way, you don’t waste your money on larger packs of condoms that you will probably not use if the size is wrong. This task, unfortunately, becomes even more difficult because most condom brands have their own definition of what is considered to be standard and large condoms. In general, though, condoms are available in snugger fit sizes, standard sizes, and large (XL or XXL) sizes.

Before you can decide what size condom you need, you must first figure out your penis size. This is super simple to do.

Once you know the condom size you need, another helpful tool to have is a condom chart. Because condom sizes can range quite a bit, having a place where you can compare condom sizes of various brands and types will make it easier to pick the right condom. With a condom chart, you can begin to eliminate condoms that you don’t think will fit before stepping foot in a store or ordering them online. Email: