Many clients wish to custom their own brand or logo condoms. It will be ok for customize on condom foil and box. But when you make the design, what content should write and what should to be noticed when making the box design?

First, you should make the design artwork conform to international standard ISO4074. Such as each individual container condom foil need at least has the manufacturer or distributor or, if permitted by local regulations, the registered brand or trade mark; lot number; expiry  date. If you sell in European union, CE mark need add. As for the consumer package, shall bear a least the following information at least in one of the official language of the country of destination or as stipulated by the national authority.

1-Full description of condoms. such as whether or not it has a reservoir tip, is parallel sided or shaped, is coloured or natural, textured or plain, has a flavour or fragrance, is lubricated or not. A diagram may be used to convery some of this information.

2-Condom numbers inside

3-nominal width of the condom

4-the nominal length of the condom if this is shorter than 160mm

5-name or trade name and manufacturer address and/or distributor and/or manufacturer’s authorized representative, depending on national and regional requirements.

6-expiry date

7-lot number

8-store condom in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight should be stated. accepted symbols may be used as an alternative.

9-statement that condom is made of natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

10-CE mark show if distribute within European Union.

11-Condom for single use only. Or use the accepted symbol.

12-Statement to read the instructions for use. Or use the accepted symbol.

Except these contents, any other additional information should conform to your Local laws and regulations, religious beliefs. This is very important. Especially for the characters on design. Check if violating portrait rights, if violate the religious, etc.

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