A condom is one of the best ways to protect yourself against many STDs. Some people may allergy to the latex condoms. It can occur in both men and women. But how do you you’re latex allergy? What signs show when you’re latex condom allergy? Here some signs.


Sign 1

Repeated use could cause skin reaction like itching sensation, blisters, rashes and redness, it could be due to this allergy.


Sign 2

If you’re a woman, if you have experienced burning feeling inside your lady parts after usage of a latex condom, it could be latex allergy.


Sign 3

If you’re a man, you may feel burning sensation on the skin of your manhood soon after using a latex condom.


Sign 4

In some cases, a rash may follow the burning sensation. It look red in colour and may cause itching sensation too. Don’t scratch it as it will worsen the condition.


Sign 5

Most cases, itching sensation severe. The itchy feeling could be triggered in or around the privates for women. The shaft or the base of the manhood may feel itchy for men. If make oral love, the itching sensation could occure on the lips, tongue and even throat. Generally, the area of the skin that gets exposed to the latex surface get affected.


Sign 6

Someone may have blister on the skin if allergic to latex. Never try to burst the blisters. Consult a doctor.


Sign 7

If reaction is too severe, other symptoms like pain in the chest, fast hearbeat, breathlessness and swollen lips could occur. In this case, one should be rushed to hospital for immediate treatment.


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