Individual condom packing has aluminum foil packing including square and rectangular, also has the fashion and luxury buttercup or blister, round shape. Which would you like and best fit for you? It depends on your market and consumers. If you target for the cheap price, we recommend the rectangular foil. Square foil is the most preferred and popular. If you hope to do luxury, we suggest blister packing or round shape foil condom.

Consumer condom packing means the second packing like the box or wallet. It can produce 1pc walllet, 3pcs wallet, 1pcs box, 3pcs box, 4pcs box, 6pcs box, 12pcs box, 10pcs box, 100 or 144pcs box, bulk packing, blister box. 3pcs box and 12pcs box and 144pcs box are most used in the market. Family using will choose more of the 12pcs. And night club will choose more of the 144pcs . Promotional use choose 1pc pack. Tell us your market and your target market. Let us give you the professional suggestions. Welcome contact us for more condom package.