When you need bigger size you can choose our large size condoms. X-Large is a bigger than average condom. It is 56mm wide and 190mm long. Condoms are made of natural rubber latex and they are straight, smooth with a reservoir. Now available in 3pack, 12pack, 100pack or 144pack.

X large condoms are made in China. The high quality of the condoms is assured with international quality standards. Condoms effectively prevent pregnancies as well as sexually transmitted diseases. If you use extra lubrication with condoms make sure that it is water and/or silicon based. Do not use oil based lubrication.

Additional product information

Form: Cylindrical with reservoir

Surface: Smooth

Wall thickness: 0,06mm

Nominal width  56mm

Length: 190mm

Girth 112mm

Lubricant: Water based

Colour: Colorless

If you are interested in X large condoms, please contact us. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com