1.What type of condom do you request? Plain ? Ribbed? Dotted? Ribbed & Dotted? Funny Spike?
2.What size do you need? For example: the length, the width, the wall thickness. If you don’t have requirement of them, you can chose one according to our condom catalog.
3.What type of aluminum foil do you want? Square foil? Rectangular foil?
4.What about the package? Would you like to custom your own brand and do you have the design for foil and box?
5.What is the quantity of the order?
Style: Plain / Ribbed / Dotted / Flavor
Raw material Natural latex
Length: 160mm-200mm
Width: 49±2 , 52±2mm, 55±2
Thickness: 0.04mm~0.06mm
Lubrication oil: 350mg~800mg(square foil pack); 250mg~300mg(rectangular foil pack)
Aluminum foil : Square pack / rectangular pack
Colors: natural or required by clients
Fragrance: Apple / Banana / Strawberry / Lemon etc
Packing: 2pcs/box,3pcs/box,3pcs/wallet,10pcs/box,12pcs/box, in bulk pack, etc
To custom your own brand, please contact us. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com