What’s 3in1 condom?

3 in 1 condom also named contoured condom or anatomic condom, anatomical condoms, which is the perfect combination of Ribbed, latex condome with ripps, Studded & Contoured Head that provides better fit and stimulating sensations to delight your partner. The condom with ribs AND dots boosts pleasure for both partners. The anatomical design ensures a perfect fit-every time.

The condoms made of natural rubber latex,dotted, ribbed, anatomically formed,  lubricated with reservoir end.

  • Nominal width:    52mm
    Length:     180mm
    Wall thickness:    0.065mm
    Lubricant:     Silicon
    Form:      anatomical
    Texture:    dotted, ribbed
    Quality:    ISO 4074:2002
  • Color: Natural latex color
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  1. Cool post!

  2. This type condom is more popular now, which can offer more texture fun to both partner, not only a tool of prevent pregnancy, but also bring some fun. we always recommend our clients choose this one at first.

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