Specification: 4g/tube, 1 tube/box.
Material: Osthol, pearl powder, propolis, beeswax, Indonesia Madura mountain roots, Vaseline.

1: Relax the vaginal contraction, Shrink the vaginal wall to restore muscle flexibility, reproducibility Virgin compact state.
2: Clean the vagina, eliminate odors, sterilization detoxification, prevent bacterial infections, eliminate bad secretions, Preventive life cross infection.
3: Nourish vaginal lubrication; improve vaginal dryness, harmonious sex life.

USE Attentions:
1: 1 tube/ 2-3 days, 8 tubes is a treat.
2: use it at night before sleep, not in daytime.
3: not use when vaginal obvious wounds, pregnant and during menstruation.

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