What’s Lollipop condom? 

Lollipop Condom also called sucker condom which packed as lollipop or a gift for her, maybe it is a better way to break embarrassing and bring some interesting funs.

No one enjoys purchasing condoms. It is excruciatingly embarrassing to walk up to the drug store counter with a box in your sweaty hands. You try to act nonchalantly, but at the same time you feel like everyone in the store is staring at you. Because purchasing condoms is a strange and stressful experience, it makes sense that condom packed as lollipops, we can put the lollipop condom near the cashier, this maybe a good way for marketing. And it’s also better as free gift in personal party, your friends will like it in surprise style.

We can custom produce your logo lollipop condom at MOQ of 100pcs, please contact us directly if you interest.

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  1. the lollipop condom’s price list prepared, welcome email us.

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