Ultra Thin condom is the next best thing to skin on skin experience that will truly heightened a couple’s intimacy, which combines intense pleasure with reliable protection.  For the  sexiest sensations!

The condoms made of natural rubber latex,  extra thin, lubricated with reservoir end. It’s also the condom industry’s new trend that all condom plants want to produce the thinnest condom in the world, As a condom plant, we don’t suggest buy very thin condom, 0.045mm thickness condom will offer super feeling also, this is the max for a condom factory, it’s also workable thinner too, but the safety also lower.

Nominal width:    52mm
Length:                    180mm
Wall thickness:    0.045mm

Material:                Natural latex
Lubricant:             Silicon or water based lube.
Form:                       cylindrical
Quality:                   ISO 4074:2002

0.045mm latex condom

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