1. Water based lubricants

Water based lubricants are the most common use of lubricants. You can pretty much use them for anything. They work great by yourself, with a partner and with any toys you may want to bring along. Water based lubricants don’t degrade and they don’t leave stains on your sheets.

The only thing to watch out for is drying time. Water based lubricants dry faster than silicone.

  1. Silicone- based lubricants

For people who like a longer lasting lubricant, silicone is great. If you don’t like the occasional bouts of stickiness that happen with water based lubricants, silicone will eliminate that problem for you. Some people say silicone gives more sensitivity and “feel” than water-based lubricants. But you can’t use them with silicone toys. Silicone can leave stains on the sheets but most fans of silicone say it’s worth it.

  1. Anal lubricants

Anal lubricants are thicker than standard lubricants. This provides a barrier between the penis and sensitive tissue in the anus. It allows for deeper penetration without hurting or damaging tissue.

  1. Massage oil lubricants

Massage oil and other oil based lubricants are great for massage and for “riding bareback,” but they don’t work with latex condoms. Always make sure the latex free condoms you are using is compatible with any oil based lubricant.

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