As we know, delay condoms demand in market more and more. Many men will looking for the delay condoms with benzocaine or lizocaine. Benzocaine or lizocaine condoms have a good effect in lasting long time during sex.  But it will numb your organ. We don’t suggest long term using. Is there any other condoms which can making long love without side-effect? Yes, one way is choose the thick condoms. Men use it can adding the sex time because it decrease the sensitivity. Although it can increase time, but people will can’t enjoy the intimate moment. Here we suggest another way, using the delay ring together with the condoms.  The delay ring is soft and elastic, it will not break down or out of shape even if stretch too much. The size fits good after wearing. It can lock the vas deferens effectively but not feel tight, and delay the sex love time. It is made by Polymer medical material which is safe to use. This is a sex toy, it can increase the love moment between couples. It is a good toy using together with condoms. We pack it in one box together with condoms. 6pcs condom +1 delay ring. It is popular selling products. It will be a new trend in the market for long love condoms. Welcome contact us: