Long love condoms have a numbing effect on your penis allowing you to last longer and increase stamina and endurance during sex.!  there are 2 types long love condom, delay liquid and delay cream, but we suggest choose delay cream condom is better, because most clients offer us good feedback of delay cream condom.

benzocaine condoms can prolong man sex time during the intercourse, our benzocaine formulated into gel shape, and we jet spray it into the inside of condom tip, so the man’s glans will touch it directly, that’s the reason why it can prolong sex. and we increase the delay effect if clients request super delay effect. but we suggest clients use our standard formula is better, because our formula had proved to be best delay effect based on healthy.

long love condom

And European CE standard take the benzocaine condom into III class, we current only II class quality certificate, so we can’t export to Europe now, Asia/America/Arica are acceptable for benzocaine condom. So if your country authority has strict rules, we suggest choose delay liquid condom is better, such as Egypt, the customs has very strict rule, our delay cream condom always rejected, so all our Egypt clients only accept delay liquid condom now.

Other Names: Penis erection condom, Long Love condom , delay condom, retard condom, retardant condom, ejaculation delay condom ,Benzocaine condom, Desensitizing condoms, Premature ejaculation Condom


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