What’s desensitizing condom?

Benzocaine is the main material, we recommend use 5% in formula, the condom is to reduce the amount of stimulation hitting that nerve. By reducing the amount of stimulation, a man will be able to reduce the speed in which they finish. The wonderful thing is: a woman will not even know that you are using a Benzocaine Condom. They will just feel that you are using a standard condom.

Positive sides:

many men find that wearing the Benzocaine Condom helps to boost their stamina in bed and improves their confidence. This may mean that men are able to also last longer when they are not actually wearing the condom

Side Effects:

The benzocaine will make man’s glans feel numbing, and it will reply on it if use constantly.


As a condom manufacturer, we suggest use it once a month is workable, never use it always, which is not healthy use many times one month. if you has own brand, we can custom produce for you.