The principle of condom package integrity test

By vacuuming the vacuum chamber, the sample immersed in water (the dye is filled with dye) is subjected to internal and external pressure difference, and the gas escape in the sample is observed to determine the sealing performance of the sample; The vacuum is used to make the sample have a pressure difference between the inside and the outside, and the sample is inflated after the sample is expanded and the vacuum is released, thereby determining the sealing performance of the sample.

Condom packaging integrity test method

Water is filled into the vacuum tank (filling with dye), and the individual packaged condom is immersed in the vacuum tank, and the upper pressure plate is covered, and the condom is required to be 25 mm from the water surface. Set the absolute pressure of the vacuum tank to 20±5 kPa, and set the vacuum holding time to 1 min. Start the test. When the vacuum is increased, observe the condom package to form the form of continuous bubbles to characterize the leakage. Note that the bubbles that appear independently cannot be confirmed. For leakage, after 1 min of maintenance, if no continuous bubbles are generated, uncover the lid and check if the condom package is inside to further confirm the presence or absence of leakage.

The results of the assessment

1) If the continuous bubble is generated during the vacuum increase or the vacuum holding period within the specified time, the leak is present and the sample is unqualified.

2) If the test liquid appears in the package at the end of the test, it is a non-conforming product.

3) If no continuous bubbles appear and no test liquid is found in the package, the package is acceptable.

Condom package integrity is an important quality assessment method for detecting condom packaging to ensure lubricant leakage. Each condom order we to do the test to make sure with good quality. Welcome custom private label condom, contact: