Warming condoms are condoms that are lubricated with a special warming formula. The specially formulated lubricant mildly warms on contact and thus works to enhance the sensation for both partners. The mild warmth increases intimacy and brings a new and interesting sensation into the bedroom. Yet, they still provide the comfort and protection that you would expect from ordinary condoms.

Warming condoms can be an especially useful tool for adding excitement into a monogamous relationship that seems to be getting boring in the bedroom. For couples who’ve been married a long time, warming condoms may be just the thing you need to add that little extra bit of surprise to your sex life. No matter how long you’ve been together, the act of simply adding some new element to your sex life can bring about a renewed vigor and passion in the bedroom.

There are many brands show the fire condom, fire & Ice condom, that’s warming condom. Choose and try use it.

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