They are some news that Chinese condom is bad quality or fake goods in worldwide newspaper, As a Chinese condom exporting company, We don’t agree with this news, 99% of the Chinese condom plants’ condom up to at least of CE standard. The situation is the importer prefer to cheap price rather than quality, they always request us must up their so low target price, so we refuse them, but they really can find other condom plants who accept their so low price due to the fierce competition, or their plant will close up without the order. so the quality condom plant became bad quality plant, and bad quality importer and plant must come to bankruptcy sooner or later.

So we teach all our sales team encourage clients choose quality condom only need to pay a little more cost, they will find Chinese made condom quality is super wonderful, together with our quick response service, more and more condom importer prefer to choose us as their private label supplier.