As a non latex condom plant, we are pleasure to recommend all the non latex condom brands, today is Unique.

This is a new brand, Unique is made from a high tech synthetic polyethylene resin called At-10. At-10 is approximately three times stronger than natural latex but yet can be manufactured to be approximately one third of the thickness of standard latex condom. Unique brand is made from a non latex material and will not cause latex allergies. Unique is thin! The thinner the condom the more pleasure you experience with your partner. With Unique there is a higher rate of heat conductivity between partners. You can actually feel the body heat of the partner.

In formal and informal, human to human tests, Unique was preferred by nine out of 10 testers over latex. Unique is transparent and creates a more natural look. People who use Unique for the first time comment that they had to check to see if the condom was in place because they could not feel it or see it. Unique actually seals to a dry penis. Note: Unique should always be put on a dry penis. Once you try Unique you will never go back to latex condom — we guarantee it!

If you like, please buy from their website directly: