Numbing condoms can help man last longer and control premature ejaculation.

For the majority of people, Benzocaine condoms are safe to wear.

There are very few men out there who will be adversely impacted by using them.

The benzocaine will numb your penis which will make it easier to last longer in bed. The benzocaine will not start to have an impact until the sex starts to really get kicked up a notch, at which point the Benzocaine will melt and numb the penis. There is absolutely no odour to the chemical, which is great. It will not have an adverse impact on your partner as they will not come into contact with it at all (just make sure you roll the condom on the correct side!).

Some producer add overmuch benzocaine which thought will have the good effect. In fact, it is not good. Our engineer make the fitable and workable formula for the benzocaine condoms, which have less side effect.

Numbing codnoms, also named long love condom, delay condom, we welcome your inquiry: